Nikki May

Dispensary Manager

Nikki May is the current Manager and Owner of CBD KC and as a Kansas City native brings a wealth of knowledge about the culture of the community and understands the marketing and economics of specific neighborhoods. Through her education at Park University and years of working in the industry she brings meaningful medical cannabis experience and is a professional asset to the face of the store and community. Her focus is quality, safe, and reliable use of medical cannabis by the residents that will enhance and support the community the store serves. In her prior employment she has worked to integrate dispensaries within the designated communities and while at the Desert Bloom site she organized an extremely successful fundraiser to support the veterans, residing nearby, with their medical cannabis expenses. Additionally she has rented booth space at multiple community events in order to share educational material and has organized staff members to attend local parades and other events to distribute easy to understand educational pamphlets outlining what medical cannabis is and who could potentially benefit from this product. In addition to the fundraiser mentioned above, she has organized several other community fundraisers, one of which contributed to the local baseball league’s ability to purchase new uniforms. Nikki brings a unique and valuable perspective to this industry, not only through her dispensary experience, but she has also worked in a cannabis testing facility and those two combined contribute to her being able to offer the community information that is relevant to each individual so that they can choose the right product, use is safely, and receive the benefits of medical cannabis. Nikki has spent a total of four and half years in the legal cannabis industry. In 2014, she started working as a budtender in Arizona. After quickly mastering all day to day duties she was promoted to lead budtender then

eventually manager. She sought to see all sides of the industry and went to the legal grow operation as a trimmer and vegetation room assistant part time while maintaining lead at the dispensary. Starting in 2016, she started working in an analytical lab that specialized in testing cannabis. She accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the four years and is confident taking a leadership position in Missouri’s legal market.