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kccKC CHRONICLE   May 2022 Newsletter

What is Releaf?

Releaf is a patent pending app that enables you to anonymously track real-time and historic experiences with specific cannabis & CBD products. Easily track the product you’re using, where you purchased it from, why you are using it, relatively how much you used, as well as symptom relief, feelings, and side effects you experienced. The more product use and outcomes you share with Releaf, the more intelligent the reports are that Releaf will provide back to you. Use these reports to inform your next purchase or treatment decision, or share with your doctor, caregiver, dispensary staff, loved ones, and friends.

Identify the most effective products, administration methods, and dosing practices for your needs and goals.

Have you ever been looking at an online dispensary menu and get confused about THC%, THCA%, Why is almost everything a Hybrid?? It’s easy toWhether treating a specific medical symptom, or seeking a specific experience, Releaf helps you take a more mindful approach to your product use. Tracking your dosing, level of symptom relief, feelings, side effects, and more for each product you use will help you easily compare which products were the most beneficial for you. Review in-app reports with customized trends and insights based on your use to learn what products and administration forms are proving to be the most effective. With the knowledge gained from Releaf’s intelligent reports you are able to make informed purchasing and treatment decisions.

Download Releaf App for free and join our global effort to help individuals like you seek better and faster releaf.
KERIC ollez

Our Excelsior Springs dispensary serves patients in a huge radius with many people driving over an hour to get to the store which means a lot of patients in the North have met Keric Crow. Keric officially joined the team in August and has been with our Excelsior crew since day one. He has become a patient favorite because of his genuine desire to help and inform. Before he was officially on the team, Keric received a culinary degree from MU and had been pursuing a career while hoping to one day combine his passions for good food and good cannabis with a manufacturing company.

Like many patients, Keric’s early cannabis experiences were socially driven but he quickly came to the realization that cannabis was also providing pain relief from a chronic cholesteatoma in his right ear canal. A cholesteatoma is a cyst in someone’s ear that continuously grows until treated and can even return after surgical removal. From 2000 to 2014 Keric has had 16 surgeries to remove the cyst. He said, “(Cannabis) helps reduce the swelling in my ears which causes a lot of chronic pain and the ringing in my ears from the tinnitus, which then drives insomnia. It’s a domino effect and cannabis has helped manage all of that.” Keric went on to say that dabs are his preferred method to medicate due to the powerful effects and the bold expression of the flavors and terpenes in concentrates.

So far on his cannabis journey, Keric has gained a wide range of abilities and knowledge and he can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you have questions about cannabis as medicine or you just want to talk to someone about your favorite strain, Keric and the rest of the Excelsior Springs team are the people to ask.
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Our helpful staff is happy to advise something similar, if items are out of stock


In The Flow: Durban Poison

“Durban Poison, the famous South African Landrace strain, has reached the Missouri market thanks to one of the newest cultivators, In The Flow. Pinene and Ocimene are the dominant terpenes in this strain, giving it a fresh, pine scent with undertones of spearmint. The flavor is mostly pine but is mellowed by earthy notes on the exhale. The cerebral effects are prominent, creating an uplifting feel and eventually leaving the mind and body calm and centered. This strain would work best for daytime use or anyone dealing with depression.” - Kassie Ferrero

durban poison

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Our helpful staff is happy to advise something similar, if items are out of stock
orange velvet

Headchange: Orange Velvet Live Sugar

When I heard that Headchange had won the Mid MO Canna Cup with their Orange Velvet live sugar , I had to grab some before it sold out. Opening the container, I was taken down memory lane by the smell of an orange cream soda that was so vivid that I thought I could feel the carbonation tickling my nose. It’s a saucy, light golden amber that looks absolutely mouth watering on the new white jar backdrop. From the first hit I tasted a spicy orange flavor that transitioned to a more bitter-sweet, orange peel after taste that lingered on my taste buds.

As I chewed on that orange peel zest my muscles loosened into a heavy, pain relieving relaxation that pulsed down to the bone and up through my neck and head. A worthy winner, Headchange Orange Velvet took my breath and my pain away”

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