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kccKC CHRONICLE   March 2022 Newsletter



By: Cannabis, Inc.

What is Solventless Extraction?

At cannabis inc., we only utilize natural elements such as water, cold, heat, and pressure to do our trichome separation and cannabinoid extraction. Because of this, any plant material we process must pass our rigorous selection criteria to ensure that only the optimum fresh frozen (FF) strains are selected.

To do this, we get up close and personal with the plant before harvest **microscopes in hand** to ensure that we only source the ideal strains and phenotypes that will produce the highest quality end-products. Once the optimal plants are selected, we work with our cultivator partners to immediately freeze it for 24-48 hours before it is brought in-house. A er the material arrives at our facility, we “wash” the FF material by hand with ice cold reverse osmosis water. Agitation from this wash causes trichomes (resin heads) to break o  from their stalk and sink.  e water is then drained through several di erent sized sieves/ lters and collected.  e hash is then graded based on quality before freeze drying. For some products, such as our staple Cold Cure Live Rosin, the trichomes will then undergo a pressing process where low heat and pressure is used to further  lter and extract resin from the head. Once extracted, we send much of this rosin to either be further re ned (using proprietary combinations of artisan techniques), put into our cold cure chamber for optimal curing, or to our kitchen to be infused into edible products such as Greenola Bites, Brownies, or infused Coconut Oil.

Why Solventless?

We believe in quality in-quality out. We also believe that nature gives us all we need to thrive. So for us, it was something of a no-brainer to eliminate any unnatural chemicals from our separation and/or extraction processing. Doing so allows us to sleep at night with the condence that the products you purchase from cannabis.inc are clean and free from any unnecessary and unwanted ingredients.

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snowball flower

snowball flower

snowball flower

snowball flower
ASHLEY ollez

Here at Kansas City Cannabis, we recognize our budtenders as our most valuable assets.The passion and knowledge that each one of them brings to our dispensaries is the cornerstone of what we aim to offer to our patients; an enjoyable dispensary experience. A great example of our budtenders and the experience they provide is Ashley Gordon at our Blue Springs location

Ashley’s cannabis journey began when she was in her later teen years and was looking for a way to more effectively battle her manic depression. By the time she was 20 years old she had tried different dosages of more than a couple prescriptions. She decided to go the cannabis route instead. “With some medicines, I didn’t know how to exist. There are so many different strains and ways that cannabis can help; I would rather trial and error with weed.”

Ashley has been on our team since October of last year and she has been a joy to patients and teammates alike ever since. She glows when she is at work and when asked why, she simply said that she was happy to be here and that cannabis has given her a greater sense of purpose in her career. All of our budtenders share the same passion for cannabis that Ashley has but one thing that immediately set Ashley apart was her desire to learn as much as she could about this medicine. You can often find her in the dispensary conference room studying products and taking notes in a notebook dedicated to cannabis. “Our patients rely on us to know about these products. For a lot of them we are their source of cannabis knowledge.”

Ashley is a patient herself and who better to ask for recommendations than a patient-budtender? When asked about her favorite products she immediately jumped to concentrates saying, “Concentrates are the only things that help me get myself under control in a fast manner when I’m overwhelmed.” She also pointed out that Alien Daydream from Proper Cannabis was a delicious and delightful dab that had a smooth inhale with tangy notes on the exhale. As a seasoned dabber she also put Headchange up there at the top of her concentrates list. Her favorite strain ever is Runtz referencing it’s full body effect that takes her pain away along with providing a relaxed mental state.

Next time you find yourself in need of weed, consider swinging through our Blue Springs location and picking Ashley’s brain for a little while.
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Snowball: The White x Chem 4 OG

“The first thing I noticed about Snowball was how frosty the buds were with tight clusters of trichomes in each crease of the nug. You can immediately pick up on a sour cream aroma that really pops when you put it through the grinder. The weed broke apart into fine grains that were a beautiful off white and green color. It is the type of flower I prefer for rolling joints.

The high was very enjoyable. I was listening to the best band on Earth; the Eagles of course, and I was belting out Desperado at the top of my lungs. Before I knew it, a mellow warmth started at the bottoms of my feet and up my spine to the back of my head. Then a building sense of ease began to set in as I let Don Henley convince me to let somebody love me. By the end of the song, Snowball had slowly rocked me into a state of pain free and calm nostalgic reminiscing.”

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