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kccKC CHRONICLE   June 2022 Newsletter


Cannabis and the Creative Process

By: Kassie Ferrero

Within the cannabis community, there is a general consensus that cannabis helps facilitate the creative process. Artists, musicians, scientists, and creatives alike have all vouched for this notion but why is this the case? What is it about cannabis that enhances creativity?

There have been a number of studies throughout the years on cannabis and its effects on creative cognition. While there is still uncertainty around the topic, some have suggested that cannabis can affect the brain in two ways. First, it is suggested that cannabis helps with divergent thinking by stimulating blood flow to the frontal lobe. Divergent thinking is crucial to the creative process because it gives the creator an opportunity to think outside of the normal realm, leading to new possibilities. Second, it is believed that cannabis helps rid the creator of inhibition by slowing down the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for a number of cognitive functions including decision making, conflict resolution, mood regulation, and timing. Being able to act on new ideas without any previous reservations is imperative in the creative process, as it allows the creator to carry out the final step in bringing their ideas to life.

As both a professional musician and a cannabis patient, I can personally attest to its relevance to creative thinking. Cannabis has consistently been shown to ignite the creative process and can be invaluable particularly when working on new projects. With the help of cannabis, artists can ignite the creative process with new perspectives or renovations to existing ones. Cannabis alone doesn’t create the artist, but the right strain and consumption method can be the perfect catalyst to the creative process.

While science and personal perspective have suggested the complementary nature of cannabis and creativity, dosage is key. Too little and the sparks won’t fly, but too much will dampen the mind in a non-conducive way. Utilizing the golden rule, “slow and low”, is the most beneficial way to utilize cannabis in the creative realm. The next time a creative push is needed, try some of these recommended strains, which can all be found at one of our four Kansas City Cannabis locations:

  1. Chem 91 - 7g flower from Proper Cannabis
  2. Gelato - 0.5g cartridge from Ostara Cannabis
  3. Gelato -0.5g live resin cartridge from Vivid Cannabis
  4. Durban Poison - 0.5g distillate cartridge from Double Bear
  5. Durban Poison -0.5g live resin cartridge from Clovr Cannabis
  6. Lilac Diesel - 3.5g flower from Glaze Cannabis
  7. Blue Dream - 3.5g flower from Stability Growers
  8. GG4 - 0.5g live rosin cartridge from Cannabis Inc.
  9. Maui Wowie - 0.5g live resin cartridge from Airo
Come on in and chat with any of our knowledgable budtenders. They can help find one of the above products or another item that will help boost your creativity!
DUSTY ollez

Born and raised in Raytown, Dusty is the newest team member at our Lake Lotawana store and he has already made a big impression on the patients that frequent that spot. He has become known by patients and staff alike for being well informed and having a drive to gain more cannabis knowledge to better provide for his patients. Like many people Dusty didn’t always believe in the healing powers of cannabis. His first experiences with cannabis showed him that there might be more to this plant than he had originally thought.

Dusty started his professional career in pharmacies and studying to continue in the healthcare field. While he continued his cannabis journey personally, he was also being exposed to the darker side of healthcare while at work. After some time Dusty began to disagree with the overmedicating message of the healthcare industry. A pill to fix the side effects of another pill seemed counter productive and he knew there were other options out there. That’s where his cannabis career began and he jumped on board with team KCC.

Since joining our team, Dusty has used his pharmaceutical experience to further help patients. “Some people that come in want to get off narcotics or want to get off their sleep meds or anxiety meds; and all of that can come with other complications.” His base knowledge of many of the medications that these patients are dealing with helps them be more comfortable and confident with the message that he is giving them. Looking past his pharmaceutical knowledge, Dusty also strives to be the most informed he can be on cannabis as well. If he can’t speak to the first hand experience with a strain or product, he is for sure picking the brain of his team to see what their experiences were like. Dusty said, “I feel like it’s part of my job to try these products and know them as best as I can.” This approach paired with his previous professional experience in traditional healthcare makes Dusty a fantastic tool for the patients that get to interact with him.

Dusty has made an immediate impact with both patients, and fellow team members. He has fun with his new career all while getting the opportunity to help people in a real and personal way. When asked what he enjoyed about working with KCC he said, “I just love my life right now. My job is to try what I can and help people find what they like and what works for them. I love being patient first. It’s a very cool path especially coming from the pharmacy industry.” Above all else, Dusty enjoys helping people on their cannabis journey.
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Our helpful staff is happy to advise something similar, if items are out of stock


Stability: Blue Dream

“Blue Dream, a cross of Blueberry and Haze, is a beloved classic for good reason. As the name may imply, the scent is lush and fruity with subtle notes of earthy spice. The dominant terpenes in this strain are Myrcene and Linalool, lending to its characteristic berry-sweet aroma. The flower itself has a resemblance of both parent plants - long orange hairs and yellow-gold trichomes inherited from Haze and a medium green hue similar to Blueberry. The flavor on both inhale and exhale fall in line with the smell, predominantly fruity and sweet with hints of earth. The uplifting, energizing effects were first to set in, encouraging creativity and a positive mood. Once the vitalizing rush had settled, I was left with a clear mind and relaxed body. Blue Dream is a great option for anytime but I would reach for this strain in the morning to help kick start my day.” - Kassie Ferrero

blue dream

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DOC ollez

Ask Dr. Feeze

By: Cody Freeze, PharmD RPh

Meet our resident Director of Health & Wellness, Cody Freeze, PharmD RPH. In this monthly feature, he will field your questions around cannabis and the interactions with the human body. To submit a question, please send to info@kccannabis.org with the subject line "Ask Dr. Freeze."

Q: How do I know which strain might work best for me?

A: Cannabis is made up of thousands of naturally occurring chemicals (phytomedicinal agents). Primary agents are cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN. These are the main action of the strain, but are not the entire source of all activities. We know THC as the psychoactive ingredient that can produce desired effects like anti-nausea, pain relief or anti-inflammatory effects. But also, keep in mind the use case for CBD as an anti-inflammatory among many other desired effects. CBN can help with sleep, among other things.

Certain secondary agents (terpenes) are more likely to be stimulating (like pinene, eucalyptol, limonene), whereas others are more likely to be sedating (myrcene, linalool). These secondary agents give cannabis plant its unique flavor and aroma. The action of the entire spectrum of contents (commonly known as the “entourage effect”), as well as patient variables will also come into play.

While a seasoned budtender can help with navigating between candidate strains (also known as chemovars), I recommend keeping a “Strain Diary.” Write down what was tried, the feelings involved, and whether you found relief for various ailments. Documenting a journey using cannabis as medicine will help determine what cannabinoids (THC, CBD, THCV, CBN, etc.) and terpenoids (myrcene, pinene, beta caryophyllene, limonene, terpinolene, etc.) gave the most relief.

Cannabis as medicine is a complex thing, and although there is open sourced and catalogued data, it still is early and not everything that matters has been measured. Because this is the case, I advocate for patients to use online sources such as Leafly or allbud.com as a general resource. However, patients should listen to their bodies. These online sources, combined with a strain diary, will help guide the experience.

By researching the activities of the strain/chemovar you’re considering, you can have an idea of the positive and negative effects. Although it isn’t perfect, the data surrounding cannabis strains online is fairly accurate. And, sometimes, the dispensary will even list common cannabinoid content and terpene content, so you know what you’re buying. A trained and professional budtender can help guide patients to help patients achieve the treatment most effective for the patient’s unique symptoms.

We are all biochemically and genetically unique, and so is cannabis. Although resources like the ones I listed above are usually very helpful, a good strain diary can be incredibly useful! The more data we have, the better we get at our recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be an advocate for your own well-being!

“It’s not magic or mysticism, it’s biochemistry!”


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