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kccKC CHRONICLE   August 2022 Newsletter


MME Central
Beginning to Understand Missouri’s Possession Laws

By: Dustin Alexander
Kansas City Cannabis (Blue Springs Budtender)

Throughout a normal work day in the dispensary, a Budtender will come across many different kinds of patients all stemming from different expertise and experience levels. While our more experienced patients might feel more comfortable exploring their options, there’s still one aspect of the Missouri Medical program that seems to throw new patients and seasoned veterans for a loop. A crucial aspect of maximizing your Missouri medical experience, is understanding just how the Missouri Medical Equivalency, or MME, system is set in place for patients. Understanding these protocols and the time schedule involved will help the patient to feel more comfortable with the product they’re buying after knowing just how much they can purchase, and when they can purchase more.

Patient Limits
In Missouri, the state allows patients to purchase up to 4 ounces of flower, or its equivalent in edibles or concentrates every rolling 30 days. While this statement seems simple to follow, there are many moving parts where patients can easily get lost in the jumble. First, let’s change 4 ounces into its gram equivalent, which would be 113 grams per 30 days. Now that our measurements will all be in one standard unit, understanding the MME system should be a breeze! Also it’s important to note patients can buy their allowed amounts of product anywhere in the state, all at once or spread throughout their 30 days as they please.

For patients whose primary consumption method is flower, the Missouri Medical Equivalency program is rather simple and straightforward. For every 30 days, the state allows you to purchase 113.4 grams of flower. For example, if on the 4th of July you purchased one eight (3.5g), the new amount you would be allowed to purchase would be 109.9 grams. We reached 109.9 from subtracting the 3.5 grams purchased from the 113.4 grams allowed from the state, to arrive at our new updated patient limit. This 109.9 number will be referred to as our “remaining allotment”, a term that will be used to further comprehend the system in later examples. Since the state measures all products in terms of grams of flower, there isn’t a conversion formula to worry about when purchasing flower. If you were to purchase 10 one gram pre-rolls the day after July 4th, the allotment would simply decrease from 109.9 to 99.9. The patient will receive these grams back from the state in 30 days, getting the 3.5 gram eight back on August 3rd, and the 10 gram pre-rolls back August 4th. If you didn’t purchase any other products containing THC for the remainder of the 30 days, the full allotment of 113.4 grams will be available once again on August 4th.

For patients who rely heavily on edibles for their medical needs, this is where the MME system requires a little more thought and attention. Since everything is measured in grams of flower, to correctly track your allotment there is a conversion formula we must keep in mind. Missouri decided that 100mg of THC contained in edibles is equivalent to purchasing 3.5 grams of flower. For example, your total amount you can purchase will look the exact same after purchasing one 100 mg chocolate, compared to if you had purchased your favorite eight (3.5) of flower. So if a patient had their full allotment after receiving their card and purchased one 100 mg edible, their remaining allotment would read 109.9 grams. This 100 mg package size serves as our base, which is important to note considering edibles often come in sample packages and even high dose containers. This is important to understand, especially for edible patients, considering that high potency edibles take quite a chunk of grams away from the patients monthly allotment. If a patient purchases a 300mg high potency edible, the patient will see a deduction of 10.5 grams (3.5g X 3) from their allotment. This can be inconvenient for patients whose tolerance has adjusted, requiring higher doses to reach their therapeutic needs. Personally as a budtender, one of my least favorite conversations is telling a patient they cannot purchase that day due to their low allotment balance. No one wants to be denied of their medicine, so understanding the MME system is critical to continuing stress-free self medication.

The last consumption method left to speak of would be concentrates, including cartridges and dabs. While a little easier to understand than edibles, it’s still important to discuss the conversion method used from the state. At Kansas City Cannabis, most of our concentrate options come in one gram sizes. These one gram concentrates will count as 3.5 grams towards the allotment, the same as if a patient had purchased one eight of flower. One half gram sizes are also rather common, especially for cartridges, which will simply count as 1.75 grams for each half gram product. Just like the above consumption methods, the grams will be rewarded by the state after 30 days, allowing the patient to restock on their medication for the new month. I find the MME system to be rather friendly towards concentrates, as one gram of wax will last me longer than one eighth of a flower myself. It is important for patients to understand these laws and regulations in place, and decide what consumption methods work best for them on a medical and financial level.

With Missouri residents finally indulging in cannabis products legally, understanding and participating in the Missouri Medical program is a privilege I never thought I would experience. Patients are awarded a sizable amount of four ounces per 30 days, and allotment limits can even be raised with official physician certification forms from two different doctors. These privileges should not be ignored by Missouri residents, who now have access to self medicate, hopefully resulting in a stress-free and overall increased quality of life.
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At Kansas City Cannabis, our staff loves to help guide patients with finding the right medicine. This is certainly no exception for Chris, the assistant manager of the Lake Lotawana location. Chris started with the company last September and has quickly become a go-to person amongst patients and staff members. He has a plethora of cannabis knowledge and an endless amount of compassion for fellow patients.

Chris was first introduced to cannabis in his junior year of high school but realized its medicinal value several years later. The idea was suggested by a family member, which not only helped him find the connection between cannabis and mood regulation but also brought the two people closer together. “Music and weed got me through the hardest part of my life” said Chris while reflecting on his experiences. Outside of KCC, you can find him throughout the Kansas City metro area performing as DJ Gear. What started as making mix cassette tapes for girls and school field trips blossomed into making mix cds for parties and curating playlists for events. “My first gig as a DJ was fifteen years ago at Alley Catz, which is now known as Stuey McBrew’s. I only brought a pile of mix cds and the venue called me ‘DJ No Gear’, so eventually I bought mixing equipment and changed the name to ‘DJ Gear’”.

Chris’s favorite product is Wedding Cake flower from Kabunky, one of the newest cultivators in the Missouri market. His favorite part about working in cannabis is having the ability to bond with patients and assist them through the process of finding relief in their daily lives. If you are looking for a new strain, product suggestion, or want to say “hi”, be sure to stop by Lake Lotawana and ask for Chris!
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Sinse Cannabis: Brick House

“Brick House, cultivated by Sinse Cannabis, is a cross of Ghost Train Haze and Oz Kush. The flower resembles a typical kush in its appearance - small, dense nugs with medium and dark green hues, orange hairs, and an even layer of trichomes. The primary terpenes in this strain are linalool, caryophyllene, and myrcene, all of which are easily detected in both scent and taste. The inhale has hints of playdough, showcasing its myrcene content, while the exhale tastes of floral and spice, associated most commonly with linalool (floral) and caryophyllene (spice). The mind effects are very in line with Ghost Train Haze, alert and focused but still at ease. The body, on the other hand, enters a state of relaxation that a kush strain would provide. Brick House is a great option for afternoon pain relief while still maintaining focus.” - Kassie Ferrero

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PAPER OVER GLASS: An Opinion Piece

Purple Circus

“Most individuals have a preferred method of smoking cannabis, whether it be a standard glass spoon, a blunt, or a gravity bong. Each has their own pros/cons, and of course there is no right or wrong way to smoke. However, some methods will prove more beneficial to certain people than others.

The most notable difference between smoking something rolled vs. something packed is cleanliness. A joint is always fresh, always new, and only gets to a certain level of filth before it is ultimately extinguished, whereas a glass pipe accumulates residue. While residue might not sound like the worst thing in the world, it actually contains very high levels of cannabinol (CBN) which has a highly sedative effect. If smoking generally makes you sleepy, try jays over the glass and ditch the CBN, you may find your experiences change for the better.

Concerned about how healthy the paper you are smoking is? Do yourself a favor: take one out, set it on the table, and set it on fire. Observe how much smoke is actually created across the entire paper… nearly nil. When smoking a joint, you will notice a lot more smoke that appears to be coming from the paper. This is merely the terpenes and other cannabis constituents, and not the paper itself. So roll up a fatty and smoke easy friends! Joints are here to stay :)
- Jeff


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