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Purple Circus

Sinse Cannabis: Deep Fried Ice Cream

“Deep Fried Ice Cream, cultivated by Sinse Cannabis, is a strain worth seeking out. A cross between Ice Cream Cake, a revered nighttime varietal, and Deep Breath, an offspring of Mendo Breath, the lineage is composed of heavy-hitters. The strain features dense buds in a rich shade of dark green, covered in orange pistils and a blanket of trichomes. Both smell and taste mainly display earthy and sweet base notes, but the scent also features diesel top notes. The cerebral effects are first to set in, a sense of weight and heaviness that lead to a full body melt, resulting in a deep state of sedation. This strain would be best utilized as part of a nighttime routine or aiding in heightened anxiety and pain relief” - Kassie Ferrero

deep fried ice cream



Our helpful staff is happy to advise something similar, if items are out of stock
happy jeff

Ammend: Suppository

"To give the Ammend suppository a fair analysis, I chose not to smoke or take edibles earlier in the day.Waited until before lunch so I had time to clear out the system and sober up from the day before.

Sooooo I boof’d it… and went in smoothly being butter-based and all. Very small suppository, which left me disappointed initially. I began feeling the effects about 15-30 minutes after, which lasted around four hours. Comparing the dosage (70mg THC / 100mg CBC) to the effects of an edible, I would say it equates to roughly a 25mg edible. This will likely vary from one person to the next, depending on differing enzymatic production.

Following three hours of allowing it to marinade up there, I finally had to evacuate. The stool was thin, buttery and greasy. Not my favorite part of the experience.

Overall I found this product to be exceptional and would highly recommend it, especially to anyone who prefers not to smoke or has health complications that make edibles impractical."